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Torpedo Loan making loans easy & affordable. To apply for a loan you are required to use your TRN, Valid ID and One (1) passport size photo. For additional information you can visit any of the company’s eight (8) branches listed below:

**Shop 87 Portmore Pines Plaza, Portmore 998-2738/276-7173
**Shop 4a, 21 Burke Road, Spanish Town 749-0921/276-7144
**Shop 4 Arizana’s Plaza, 51 East Street,Old Harbour 610-6831/579-5843
**Shop 17-18 Island Plaza, 72 King Street, Linstead 985-7450/478-3139
**Shop 9, Half Way Tree Mall, 5 Hope Road, Kingston 5 906-5749/564-1054
**Shop 10, Henry’s Plaza, 18 Storks Street, May Pen 902-4712/564-1081
**Shop 9-10 Stoplight Plaza, 36-40 Manchester Avenue, May Pen 902-3834/422-0452
**Shop L3 Caledonia Mall, 3 1/2 Caledonia Road, Mandeville 610-9230/361-4145.


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