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The beautiful and alluring Jada Kingdom was born on september 5th 1998, so she is currently 19 years old. She grew up in the parish of kingston where she had a very hard upbringing having to basically survive on her own since she was 14 years old.

She don’t like talking about her age because she said that often time people would make her feel uncomfortable about her age, and that’s why she barely speaks about it. However recently she opened up about it on her instagram with over 300k followers saying that.

“I’ve been on my own since i was 14. But i had to grow up, I was forced to…,”

“I never had normal teenage years its sad but true…at 15 i had to be 20,i had no one to defend me so i had to defend my f**king self…i look older because i suffered!,i strived!,i fought!,don’t judge me because i’m different!,you don’t know me or what i’ve been through…

“The streets did that!,this life is not a game, you better wake the f**k up or get f**ked!…i am glad i guided myself, i found a way out and i thank god for where i am today,” she added.“I’m now glad i went through it all because it made me the progressive, ambitious, strong, talented young lady i am today i am proud to not be like your average 19 year old because if i was then i probably wouldn’t be who i am today…mental maturity saved my life, physical maturity kept me balanced.
So it seems like she went through quite a lot throughout her years, with having her body being the main focus instead of her and her personality. She first got her taste of fame when she was one of the models featured in Sean Kingstons “One Way” music video. Here is a quick peek at it.

Some of you might even know her as lincoln 3 dot x girlfriend. The two dated for awhile and she was even rumored to have taken shots at him in one of her songs.

She’s now currently trying to build herself a loyal fanbase in the music and entertainment space, she released a track back in July 20 2017 titled Love Situations, the song now have over 1 million views on youtube since the making of this video, and seem to be steadily growing, here’s a quick listen.

She seem to be taking her music career serious since she recently released another music video on youtube titled Unwanted. Here’s a listen.

I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

Since she’s only 19 years old she have a lot of time to grow in the entertainment space. She seemed to be very confident and well business minded since she already owns a swimwear brand called Jadur Kastel.

I do wish i could have covered a lot more about Jada but that’s all the information we currently have, however as she grow we’ll follow her on her journey to witness the success story in, not high definition but in Real Life Definition.

So there might be an update in the near future

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